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Steven Gregory's 'Fish on a Bike' sculpture
"What're you staring at?"
Guy Fawkes
"What're you staring at?"

Fish on a Bike

Site History and Change Log

Recent and not-so-recent Events
Late April 2005 Now I've gone and missed this site's 5th birthday too! Belated happy birthday, drinks all round.
Anyway, something new has happened, in that I've kicked off a blog that I can also fail to keep up to date on a regular basis.
12th August 2004 Just been informed by Mike Austin at Retro Bicycles of his excellent Fish on Bike jewellery, specifically a brooch/pendant. Fab design, and may even be made this site's official jewellery. OK, it is the only FOAB jewellery I know, but this is quality stuff, available in silver or 9ct gold, and hand-made in England using traditional techniques. Check it out!
More on that soonish.
Oh, Mike also informed me of Wilf Lunn's site, for which I'm most grateful. The site is well worth a visit. No fish on bikes I can find other than in one of Mr Lunn's logos, but loads of wacky and amusing bike designs. Beautiful eccentricity.
Late April 2004 Looks like I missed the site's 4th birthday back on April 1st. Ah well, made up for it on St George's Day (23rd). <Hic>.
Blurt's fantastic track The Fish Needs a Bike has been adopted by me as this site's Official Soundtrack. Whether it wants it or not. Heh heh.
March 2004 Finally incorporated the Guinness Fish on Bikes fully in the site, moving pictures and all.
Sure I did other stuff this year, moving Barcombe Bonfire Society off to a site of its own, for instance. Oh, and recently including lots of links to Steve's Undo Underwear site. I also need to link to Fish the stunt cyclist's website, the wonderfully named Busy busy.
Mid April 2003 Introduced a Rant page which may turn into a Bloggy writing area, or at least an excuse for me to get loads of things off my chest. It's clearly labelled as an "Amusement-Free Zone", so steer clear if you'd rather not think uncomfortable thoughts.
1st April 2003 3 years old today! - and Fisk toddles into a new dawn with a fairly clear "About" page (check the toolbar down the bottom of each page). Did some tidying up, too, which you may or may not notice. But took me bloody ages.
mid-late March 2003 Loads of new stuff added, especially under Bonfire, Sightings and Writing. Also started doing larger images as pop-ups. Very exciting!

Getting wound up by the number of bulletin board people directly loading images from this site. Folks, please take your own copies of images and (copyright permitting, i.e. maybe not wise with the Guinness Fish, for example) use them instead. Most ISPs provide free web space you can use for the purpose. Thanks muchly.
A good reminder that I need a Copyright and Contact statement somewhere, though..
11th March 2003 After more than a year and a half's absence, Fisk gets off his flippers and makes one or two much-needed changes. Like re-vamping the entire site (especially navigation) and allowing room to expand. Expect total chaos, and be pleasantly surprised whenever chaos fails to materialise.
27th June 2001 Fish on a Bike gets its 15 minutes of fame courtesy of's "Worst of the Web", now sadly looking defunct, having been replaced with plain old "Humor". Yawn.
This very site was in the Weekly Worst (with a tag line decidedly similar to the one here), and even spent a little time in the archives. Ah well, there's history..
20th June 2001 A biiig result! Found the original source for the excellent Guinness Fish that were a major inspiration for Fish on a Bike in the first place. Check out the link, and expect more news on this front. Eventually.
14th May 2001 Some new stuff in Sightings, and in particular a reference to the (now even more) famous Fish and Bicycle Page
3rd May 2001 Scandal as Fisk is rejected for membership of the MSN Web Community Aladdin's Quiz Site.
This despite the fact that his image is very popular there. C'mon guys, play fair!
1st April 2001 Fisk celebrates his site's first birthday by doing his own little Tour de France courtesy of, and quite appropriately finds himself to be a veritable poisson d'Avril.
The iVelo page is another that's gone, sadly, without my having saved a local copy. Shame.
Oh, but still worth mentioning my wonderfool friend Babel Fish here, if you fancy translating anything. His attempts are a good laugh.
16th March 2001 Added some new stuff (first time for ages).
1st April 2000 Fish on a Bike is born.
The Near Future Continue rebuilding the site. Probably some new pages - Cycling, Music, Beer, Philosophy.. Lots of possibilities.
The Future Impossibly exciting.
Site History
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