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Credits (where credit's due)

Let me start by saying the following thank yous are not necessarily in order of importance.

Having said which I must first thank my wife and kids for putting up with a rather frazzled husband/daddy whilst I've been getting this little effort together. I'm also impertinent enough to thank them in advance for their forebearance as and when it evolves.

Huge thanks to my site hosts, TalismanWeb, for a level of service well beyond the call of duty - and well beyond what I'm paying them for, at that. If you're looking for a good value hosting service that you can trust, then here you are. Get 'em while they're hot!

Thanks to Reno Nguyen for producing the site logo and further thanks to him and to the students at Chesapeake Biological Lab for allowing me to (ab)use their biathlon image. Thanks also to Heather Stapleton at CBL for answering my Email so quickly and involving everybody affected in the decision to let me use the image. There's a fine model of democracy in operation at CBL!  Remember, folks, that the biathlon is a mere 8 mile leisurely bike ride around the beautiful Bay, followed by a 2 mile walk through the Calvert Cliffs state park. Go and do it some time. And hopefully I'll join you some time.

Thanks to my brother Steve for doing the legwork and tracking down the Guinness fish on bike stills. Believe me, they weren't easy to find.

Steve has had a standing offer of a link of his choice on this site since 2000, and has now called in my debt. He expects me to link to his Undo Underwear site, but I think that would lower the tone of this site too much.

Anyway, what is Undo Underwear and why is it so cool and clever??
Haven't a clue.

Thank you to the Web Design Group for about the best overall HTML reference/resource I've yet found. Invaluable.

And last but not least, many thanks to you dear reader, for giving me an excuse for the indulgence. Special thanks if you have contributed or at some stage intend to contribute to the FOAB (umm) Knowledge Base/Site/Ethos/whatever. Please refer to Where Next if you would like to contribute but aren't yet sure how. Matters may not be made any clearer, but at least there's a Letter Box there.

Actually -

Do you know someone else I should be thanking? 
Are you that someone? (Oops!)
Then please remind me
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