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You can email me at

Please do let me know about broken links, or anything on this site that comes out weird or unreadable on your browser/platform. I've done my best to make the site accessible to all, but it will always be a work in progress.

If you do email me (and you're not trying to get me to buy something) you'll get a reply - highly likely a grateful one. You may even get an official credit somewhere on the site if you provide me with, say, good new material or links. Very exciting!

Like just about everyone else on the planet, I don't appreciate Spam. At best, spammers will be ignored. At worse, spammers will be traced - and I have managed to get a few email accounts shut down recently. Tiny dents, but I'm happy to inform readers that bigger (worldwide) armaments are on the way, and spammers' days appear to be numbered.

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This is not a commercial site. It's mostly a glorified home page, and a fairly whimsical one at that. It comes courtesy of yours truly, Adam Sobot, a resident in the wonderful village of Barcombe, Sussex-by-the-Sea, England.
Surprise, surprise, I am a "software developer".

I pay for this site to be hosted, and am charged according to amount of bandwidth consumed. In other words, it costs me to the extent that the web server is dishing out pages, and especially images. If you would like to use images from this site, I'd appreciate it if you would take copies rather than linking to them directly. Please also check out Copyright below.

I occasionally plug related sites and the odd product, but that's almost always on an informal basis and I receive no payment for doing so. Usually it's simply a fair return for my use of material from the other sites.

The one area I may be tempted to allow advertising would be on the Bonfire pages, particularly on those linked to Barcombe Bonfire Society. Sponsorship deals will be most highly favoured, but specific ads for specific companies (not banner ads) may well be OK. Please send me an email if you're interested.

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All material unique to this site is © Adam Sobot 2000-2008.

"Fair Use" means that you can take copies of such content, as long as it's for non-commercial purposes and you aren't copying significant chunks. Netiquette (and plain good manners) adds that if you do so you should credit the source and, in the ideal, link to the site - in this case. If you're a really nice person you may also want to tell me about it. Thank you.

Copyright for all material that originated outside this site rests with the original owners, to whom I'm grateful. Wherever possible, I've provided links to the sites concerned, and have usually obtained permission to use the material. Please let me know if you hold copyright on anything included on this site and I have failed to credit you accordingly.

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